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Why Breakthrough?

Mary Ellen McInerney is the owner of Breakthrough Run & Nutrition LLC, which provides virtual nutrition and run coaching to endurance athletes. As a registered dietitian she provides help and support to endurance runners who need a fueling plan, who need to lose weight, or switch their mindset with food to intuitive eating. She has been running since middle school and personally loves the marathon and is most proud of her BQ after 18 years of on and off attempts. She had her breakthrough race and coaches runners to have their breakthrough as well.  Mary Ellen lives in Geneva with her husband and four kids.

Marathons x10
Half Marathons x4


What Happy Clients Say

Even as an experienced runner, I had always struggled with fueling, and Mary Ellen used her knowledge and expertise to help me streamline and improve my fueling and hydration plan as I trained for my fourth marathon  Mary Ellen is a true gem - it truly felt as though she was invested in my training and was rooting for me to succeed.


Coach Mary Ellen has been a positive fore to keep me accountable like a board of directors member would to a CEO of a business. With running you have done that for me. You have given me all of the tools to get me through this race. You have kept me focused and committed.


Through her quality training plan, helpful nutrition tips, and consistent support for two years, I crossed the finish line of the Chicago marathon feeling strong and prepared.
Without Mary Ellen's guidance I would not have seen the success I did.


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