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Help you define your goals, provide you the plan and encourage you every step of the way.

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Nutrition Edge

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Mary Ellen McInerney-Registered Dietitian + RRCA Run coach

As a Registered Dietitian with over 15 years of experience I am the expert in the field of nutrition. I give you the competitive edge for fueling properly to achieve your running goals. I've been running for over 25 years and it brings me so much joy. My passion is encouraging runners to achieve their goals.

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Why Nutrition

It's time to take control and utilize nutrition to achieve your goals

1:1 Coaching

High touch nutrition coaching

Personalized Program

Guidelines and recommendations tailored to your individual needs.

Ideal for runners

-Achieve or maintain your ideal weight for performance.  
-Learn to fuel properly before, during and after workouts.  
-Sensitive stomach? Learn how to tolerate fuel while running.

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 Get started now with Nutrition Or Run coaching You've tried to do this on your own and now it is time to try something new. I can make it simple for you to achieve your nutrition and running dreams. Let's Breakthrough together!

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